Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Well my birthday was good thanks! I didnt get my package yet but maybe tomorrow in the district class i will. It was a good day, nobody knew but I was in (Im not sure what they call it in english) interchanges on thursday/friday morning with Elder Wach from Eagle ID in his ward (Joyas) and my companion told him and he told a sister in the ward and she bought us breakfast so that was super nice and then the other ELders called and sang Las MaƱanitas (happy birthday in spanish). then I got back to the area and we went to the lunch appointment and Elder Jimenez told the sister it was my birthday and she bought us cupcakes. 
This week I was in interchanges with Congreso (E. Avery- Provo) on tuesday and wednesday and then Joyas (E. Wach- Eagle) on Thursday and Friday so I wasnt in the area that much but it was a really good week. I learned a lot and was able to get to know my district better and find ways to be able to help them more. It was a good expirence. We do it every transfer but this one was different. WE had a lot of success in finding new people in all 3 areas and this week is going to be super great. 
Luis Fernando still hasnt been baptised because we're trying to find money to marry them... hopefullly this week. We only need 600 pesos so we should be able to do it with the help of the ward. 
FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS CARTER, KELSEY, Y COLE!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope everything went great and congratulations in being ordained deacons Carter and Cole!!! Whats spyder-ball? THats super great that Kels got to go to girls camp too! Girls camp here is just one night haha. 
Who said we cant write back and forth? THe house looks good too! 
Thanks for the birthday wishes and everything you're sending! Sorry I was going to send the pictures you wanted this week. Its my goal to take more pictures but I didnt get to buy batteries until today so next week I'll send pictures!!! 
Sorry Ive gotten terrible at writting. I love you a lot thanks for everything!!! 
Elder Inskeep

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