Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Well Ive got lots to tell this week so we'll see if I can remember everything and you can understand me. Well the biggest thing is I had transfers and they sent me back to the state (after a year in the city) to a suburb called Cuidad Azteca (Aztec City) as a Zone Leader, I'm with my first gringo companion Elder Jacobs from Seattle Washington, at first a was a little bit bumbed about being sent with another american because I dont want to damage my spanish and a lot of the other american leaders here are really prideful but until now looks like things are going to go well. I'm super excited because they also sent Elder Gomez (my best friend) to the zone and Elder Bartlett (my friend and zone leader from Moctezuma from Gilbert AZ) and Elder Gutierrez (was in my district in Moctezuma) were already here! I'm super excited about that. 

Fernando did get baptised, Magali was already a member just inactive. It was super great. I'll send you the pictures! Daniela and Jose still havent been baptised but its probable that it they will be baptised within the next 2 weeks, Elder Jimenez and his comp will baptise them and maybe presidente will give me permission to go. I'm a lot farther away now though...you can look up Cuidad Azteca and thats were I'm at, right in the middle, theres a big mall called Plaza Aragon and another called Mexiplaza thats about all I can tell you about the area right now. The state is really different from the city (the federal district that they recently changed to its own state) Its mostly just suburbs and everyone works in the city. Its going to be a different change but I'm remembering how it was in Muzquiz even though Muzquiz is a lot closer to the city that Cuidad Azteca, the ward is called Guerrero. 

The devotional was really great too! Hna Antonia (Karla's mom) filmed almost the whole thing but itll be hard to send so we're going to think about that. Maybe she can share it on facebook and all tell Anna to get on my facebook and accept her friend request so you can see the videos. I dont remember if I told you about how Fernando and Magali didnt have enough money to get married but Fernando is a tailor so we paid him to make us matching ties for the devotional to help him with money! it was awesome they turned out amazing (youll see them in the pics) he did a great job! 

The new president is really great! Like super awesome. I cant remember if I already told you but he's Chilean but he has lived in the US sense he was 11. His wife is from Finland, they met on the mission in Florida and she moved to the US when they got married. they have 4 kids and 2 of them came with them on the mission, a daughter thats 17 and a son thats 14 (he reminded me of Jace). Only President knows spanish but the rest of them are learning. They lived in Seattle for a long time but a year before they got the mission call he was impressed to sell his huge orthadontics (Im not sure how you spell it) business (hes super rich) and move to Boston and teach at MIT!!!! He said later he realized why because it would have been harder to go on the mission if he still had his business. He's pretty young and it looks like everything is going to be super great! I love Pres. Anaya too and I miss him but I also know and have a testimony that God knows what we need and he calls his servants by revelation, and guides them to help us also through revelation, I know that Pres. Naumann is what this mission needs! 

Yep I finally got the package!!! Thanks so much! I loved it! Elder Jimenez thought the card was weird hahaaha (because he doesnt know english) and I was super happy about the socks and the shoe insert thingys I think they're gonna help me a lot. I also liked the temple cards and thanks for everything! It was really great to recieve it. 

I was sad not to recieve any pictures of the addition! Sounds like Kelsey did great on her talk! Shes preparing to be a great missionary! (I hope they send everyone to Mexico!) thats crazy Camdons home too and that Landan will be home this week! Tell them I said hola! HAve you heard anything from Jerry? They were asking me about him today. Dad, you listened to your book again? Wow you must have really liked it then haha. Can you really focus when listening to it? Im not sure if I would last that long. At least I'm not as distracted as E. Jimenez, he was always off in his own world hahaha sometimes he would say random things that didnt make any sense or he would just laugh at his own thoughts haha it was a little bit rough sometimes because he never knew what was going on and he does not know how to talk to people, but I'm gonna miss all the laughs he gave me haha. 

Time sure flies fast and I'm loving the mission! I'll tell you more about the area next week. I think I remembered everything... I hope! Love you all a lot! Thanks for the birthday package, your support, and everything! Adios! 
Elder Inskeep

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