Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So much to say and such little time! Well this week Pres. Anaya went home and Pres. Naumann got here, I still havent met him but we have conference on thursday so itll be interesting. All I know is that they are from Washington, Pres is from Chile and his wife from Finland. The pres's wife and kids still dont know spanish so thatll be interesting for them too. 
I didnt get my package yet but hopefully I'll get it on thursday.  Sounds like everything has been going great with you guys. You are a fantastic mom, mom! You did everything great! Dont worry! That sounds cool about your lights dad! Im excited to see them! the house looks great too! Congrats mom on your tennis match! Have you played against Anna? 
Well this week we are planning a stake missionary musical activity for friday and saturday (I dont even know how to explain it in english) but anyways we are going to teach the plan of salvacion through music (missionary choir (my zone), stake choir, and a primary choir) its going to super great, we've been inviting everyone and practicing a lot. We hope it will help members, less actives and investigadores feel the spirit. I'll be excited to tell you about it next week. Also, transfers are monday and I kind of feel like they are going to change me so we'll see what happens. Elder Jimenez and I opened the area so we both have the same amount of time here. 
Fernando and Magali are getting married on friday so he can get baptised on sunday and we think Jose gets back tomorrow so he can be baptised this week too! Daniela is also a possiblity too (like always) but this week she did progress a little bit more and even brought her mom and daughter to church yesterday. 

Aye we dont have time because we have a meeting but I think we might have time to come back afterwards and finish writing. Super sorry 
Love you lots!!! 
Elder Inskeep

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