Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It would be "una carta mas" haha. This week has been good! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!!!!! FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE!!!! I forgot that fathers day was this week! I hope you had a good day! Yesterday we had stake conference. They called a new stake presidency so Elder Benjamin De Hoyos (the area president) and Elder Martinez (area 70) where there. The temple president and also president Anaya came (president Anaya goes home the 28th :'( its sad) It was good! Do you remember what the 70 that came to our stake conferences name was? I didnt remember that he was Mexican but the one that came to our stake conference here looked familiar, his name is Felix A. Martinez and hes from Veracruz, MX. They called Pres. Ramirez (who is one of Pres. Anaya's councilors) as one of the councilors in the stake presidency so that was cool and our wards primary presidents husband as another. The new president is a scientist in the Univ. of Mexico so thats pretty crazy. 
I saw that the basement had walls and doors so I thought that it was going to be something else thats why I asked. 
Question: well theres a sister in our ward that wants to go into business with me hahaha, she wants to put tortilla stores (tortillerias) in the US and she says that because I'm the first gringo that has been in the ward for a long time and sense she had the idea that I'm the one. She makes it sound like a great idea and she kind of convinced me a little bit haha. So how hard is it to open a business in the US, what are the rules, and how much would it cost? She says in the future she would open a restaurant too and she has experience with her own restaurant in Mx too but I think business is really different in the US. What do you think? Shes kind of super serious about it and Im not really at all but it would be interesting, failure just makes me nervous. 
My companion doesnt really know english at all and Im not sure he even cares that nobody writes him. 
Thats crazy Camdon is going to be home soon and even crazier that Landan is going to get married! What!!!(with a mexican accent)?!!? 
Well Luis Fernando is supposed to get baptised this week but they still havent gotten married, they were going to get married this week but they said they still dont have enough money, they only need 600 pesos so we're going to see what we can do about that.  I'll try and take some more pictures, i need to buy batteries. 
I thought I had several things to say but I guess thats it... The house looks good! Its way big! I cant wait to see more pictures. Whats next? 
Love you lots! Thanks for everything!
Elder Inskeep

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