Monday, February 29, 2016

Wow well I don't know why you didnt get my letter last week... I sent it again so you can read it, I hope you get it and you get this one. 

Yep I'm alright. These past few weeks have been hard. This week Israel and Guadalupe (the Mendoza family) told us they dont want to get baptised. Israel says he wants to wait until they can be baptised together as a family and its final (Toño turns 8 in November) and then Guadalupe said she doesnt even want to be baptised because she doesn´t want to give up her saints (idols that she prays to) the thing that stinks is I know she knows its true, shes read a whole bunch from the Book of Mormon and shes been to church 5 times in a row with her kids. Israel needs to keeps his commitments better but he always told us that he wanted to be baptised. We have kind of lost contact with Itzel. We talked to her last week but she said her dad was mad and we haven't heard anything sense. We´re hoping that Joselin, (our neighboor (Nancy's daughter) and Itzel´s friend) can contact her and figure out whats going on. The rest of our investigators have all kind of gone down hill too. We did get some more references this week so we have some hope of a better week this week. 
Trenton wrote me a letter this week and it made me laugh because I know how he feels, he said "I don't understand anyone" haha. He says his companion is from Mexico City so we'll see if he's from close to here.
Well I liked the other plan you had for the kitchen before I left waaaayyy better but this one is alright! Is it really going to happen this year?!
Well crazy story of the week, for our ward coorelation meeting none of the ward missionaries could go so Miguel the ward mission leader took us out to eat tacos and talk out the missionary work in the ward. Going out for tacos in Mexico is super cool by the way. I like tacos al pastor and I have no idea how to say that in English but its pretty much just normal meat but we were talking about how they make tacos out of everything here and Elder Gómez said "they probably even have eyeball tacos" we checked the menu and sure enough they did. So we ordered one to try between the 3 of us and it was awful. The worst texture ever. Miguel tried to tell us it wasnt that bad and started to take a second bite but he almost threw up haha. It was pretty great. 
Story #dos. Josafat and Evelin Desantillana finally told us the story about when the missionaries contacted them the first time because they always thought that I remembered. I contacted them one day in divisions with Kevin! I just dont remember, I gave them an invitation to the visitor center and then they left because they were in a hurry but then a few months later they actually went and then the sisters in the visitor center called us! How crazy awesome is that!!! I'm so excited! They are already planning to enter the temple. November 5th, 2016!!

Love you lots and thanks for writting! 
Elder Inskeep

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