Monday, February 29, 2016

Well the Pope is here in Mexico so everything is crazy. Thursday to Sunday they sent us to another area because the Pope was in our area and its dangerous with the drunk catholic extremists and the streets full of people. It stinks because we had to cancel all our appointments for the weekend. We went to the Tlatelolco Ward which is just north of downtown, the whole ward is one complex of super huge buildings (like a couple hundred), most of them have 22 floors and they are really big, the ward is a small space but a ton of people live there and its a really hard area because you cant enter the building if you don't know someone that lives there that can open the door for you and the space inbetween the buildings is nice but theres not a long of people. The missionaries live on the 11th floor and it was cool because we could see a lot from the window.
We had to cancel the appointment with Itzel and the Mendozas because we visit them on weekends but we've talked with them on the phone and they sound alright, hopefully this week we'll see more progress. Itzel talked to her dad and she said he was mad but we don't really know much more because its hard to get everything over the phone. 
Its really sad that the family is falling apart all over the world. It really is and thats why its so important that we read the proclamation to the family and apply it in our lifes. I'm grateful that I have parents that are united and love each other and that always taught us what is right. I'm pretty lucky. Its cool that the same things that are important in Mom's life are the same in Dad's, I can see it because every week you write about the same things, just from a different point of view.
Thats cool you saw Aleesha! She'll be a good missionary I'm glad she's going. Its really great there're so many sisters, they're great and they can help people so much easier than the Elders, the people in the street trust them and can see that they really love the people more than they can see from the Elders. 
thanks for transferring the money. Kevin said he got the package and he was super happy! thanks! Well this week has been weird I'm not really sure what else to say. but I love you a lot! thanks for all the support. I almost have a year! how weird is that! I can't even believe it, it passed so fast! 
Love you
Elder Inskeep

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