Thursday, February 4, 2016

Well Elder Gómez is the best, we're having a blast which is good because its been a hard week. I feel bad because its his first area but we've been having a rough time with the investigadors. We've lost a whole bunch and now we dont have as many as I'm used to. One good thing is we've had more time to work more with the members, we've been going throught the list visiting active and less active members and quickly teaching one of the first 3 lessons (the Restauracion, the Plan of Salvacion, or the Gospel of Jesus Christ) then we leave them a pamphlet and tell them to study it as a family, pray for a stronger testimony about it and ask Heavenly Father who they know that could benefit from this message and share it with them. We've had a pretty good response and WE're hoping that this week we'll be seeing the results. 
Elder Gomez is from the State of Oaxaca and the city Oaxaca (wuh-hock-uh) which is in southern Mexico... apparently its really beautiful there and he's become one of my best friends so hopefully I'll be able to go someday. Theres a brother in our ward that served his mission there like 20 years ago and the area where Elder Gómez lives was a small branch, now the branch is a stake with 9 wards. Crazy right? He's a really hard worker and really good with people so its great. 
Well we havent been able to find Rodolfo so we don't think he'll be baptised this week, its really frustrating because hes so ready but its his choice. He's 21 but he lives with his grandma so that might be part of the problem because the older people are more catholic than the rest. (by the way...did I tell you the pope is coming to Mexico? Everyone is so excited and there're banners with his face on them everywhere :/ and its still a month away.) The Mendoza family is progressing alright, or should I say Guadalupe, the wife, Israel the husband still hasnt done much or even gone to church, he still says he wants us to come and he wants to be baptized but hes not really showing it that well, but Guadalupe and the 13 year old Brandon have gone to church 3 times and Guadalupe reads them the book of mormon, she really likes it and shes in 1 Nephi 12. Itzel is still progressing good and we'll have some more new investigadors this week. 
Thats cool you have so much snow. I miss it! But its nice not to be cold either. 
The city is doing work on the pipes so we haven't had much water for about a week.... All of the house here have a tank to save water so at least we've had enough to shower and wash dishes...(thats about allwe do with the water) but hopefully we'll have more soon to do laundry...
What else...Tell Aunt Linda Happy Birthday! Thanks for writing! have a great week! Love you lots!
Elder Inskeep

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