Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Elder Gómez is from Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca. There is an Elder in my district from Culiacan though, Elder Gutierrez. (someone chewed me out this week for saying they speak spanish here, apparently they speak Castellano in Latin America and Spanish in Spain, which is ridiculous because its like saying we speak American because they speak English in England but whatever its the same thing). That's super cool that Bro Kinney served outside of the city too, I have heard that Guanajuato is way cool and beautiful but I haven't heard of the others...maybe they city by the lake was Texcoco? Yep Moctezuma was the name of an Aztec Chief or something and Mixihuca is named after the Virgin Saint Maria Magdelena Mixihuca haha. There's a neighboorhood in our area that was a small town before the city got big and its called Mixihuca. Its cool because it has the old church with the central plaza in front and the streets are all curvy, but its kinda run down and the people there are kinda weird. I'm anxious to talk to Bro Kinney too. 
This week I had to go to the nice part of town (the Mexico City West mission) to renew my visa....I'VE ALMOST BEEN HERE A YEAR..how crazy is that? I feel like I just got here. I'm going to be extremely sad to leave and I'll always be saving up to come back and visit and visit other parts of the country like Oaxaca. I love it. 
Well the nice part of the city (Polanco) was like an hour away in metro which was super boring but it was so beautiful and probably nicer than anyother city I've been too, the people there are really rich but thats where the immigration office is. 
We've also been going out on visits with some of the ward members to visit less actives and we've actually found a lot of investigators from doing it. Itzel is ready for baptism the 28th but she still hasn't told her dad she's been listening to the lessons and going to church, she needs his permission for the 28th but in April she turns 18 so she can do whatever but we told her it would be better if she told him and then she could have his support and she wouldn't have to hide everything, we hope she does it, we'll probably be fasting for her this week. The Mendoza Family is finally making progress!!! Guadalupe and her sons Brandon and Toño have gone to church 4 times (the past 3 weeks in a row, and even paid there tithing!!) But Israel, the dad, still hadn't gone until yesterday! They all went! It was so great, I know its going to be a change for them and now they can really start working towards baptism as a family. Alberto and Georgina (Erika's parents) have been really busy so we haven't hardly seen them and they haven't gone to church so their date for the 14th will probably be cancelled. But we've got some new families that we hope will have baptismal dates this week! 
Today we went walking in the historic Downtown because Elder Gómez wanted to go, I've been looking for shoes but I haven't hardly been able to find anything in my size...we live in the traditional part of town where everyone is little. Then we went home cleaned the house, and now the day is almost over, time passes so fast! 
Thats funny dad called Elder Gómez Guadalupe haha there are so many people here named that haha. No its not that bad that he can't eat mayo or ketchup he just cant eat a lot of salads when they put dressing on them or with sandwhiches or hot dogs or something (people give us stuff like that a lot because they think I'll like it becuase its American and all we eat are hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza). Well I think thats it. I cant remember what else I wanted to say but I love you lots! Hope you had a great week! Tell everyone hola! 
Elder Inskeep

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