Monday, January 11, 2016

Well this week was alright. I'm glad you got to meet Sumano and you could see Star Wars, it was good? Everyone is talking about it so I'll be happy to see it when I get back. Did you find out why he didnt go on sunday? Sounds like you've been busy. You can take the books to DI. That's cool that Shayla is preparing to go on a mission...are they more active now? I also just heard that Aleesha is going to Argentina, thats way cool. I didn't teach the English class but I was there to help the sisters that teach it. I didn't know that they have an English class there. Is it in the stake center? The skiing looked/sounded fun. 
New years was good, just hard because everyone is busy. I think all of our baptismal dates will have to be moved because nobody has been around....oh my goodness I just deleted the whole letter...I'm so mad. This computer is stupid. Well the Mendosa family isnt going to get baptised eventhough they want to. They keep asking if they can get baptised without going to church. We found a gringo family in a torta resturant the other day that are members. They are here because the dad had something wrong with his papers and had to go back to Mexico so they are all here until he gets it figured out, the mom says shes been a member all her life but the dad is a convert but Ithink theyre inactive because they 3 younger kids (there are 5) arent baptised so we're going to visit them this week and see what happens. Veronica is the twin that cooks and she hasnt had time to make the bread or the cookies yet because of the holidays but shes excited to try them. Yeah I can tell the twins apart but elder Castro still cant. 
Well my sandals broke a while back and I've looked everywhere but I cant find any in my size so the next time you send something if you could send some flip flops that would be great. 
Today we had a zone activity about a month ago we drew names from a bag and we had to buy something for someone innn the zone. I got Elder Feller from Las Vegas and I bought him a sweater. Sister Beck from wyoming had me and Sister Pech her companion from cancun had Elder Castro so they bought us ties and some stick horses they found and bought inthe street. It was funny. We also ate some breakfast tacos adn Sister candido made a brasilian desert and sister pech Rosca de Reyes which is a sweet bread they eat this time of year. The bread has a toy baby in and if you get the part with the baby you have to buy tamales in february. Well I got the baby so we'll see if I'm still here to buy tamales later...haha
I'm sorry I dont have much to say and I dont remember what else was in the letter before I deleted it. Im sorry Ive had a lot of great experiences I dont have a lot of time. I'll tell y ou later. I love you a lot. I know the church is true and I'msuper happy to be in Mexico.
Have a great week
Elder Inskeep

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