Monday, January 11, 2016

Well I can't believe that next week is Christmas! It doesn't feel like it. we're going to ask the landlady if we can use her computer to skype so I´ll let you know next week when to expect the call. Please send the skype addresses again, I don't remember them and Its better to be safe than sorry.
Today we had a really great zone activity, we went caroling in the metro, we divided in groups of 8 and went up and down the metro line that passes through 4 wards that are in the zone, changing train cars at every station singing christmas hymns and handing out cards about the A Savior Has Been Born (I think that's what it is in english) video. It was pretty cool and we gave out like a thousand cards, And thats with not every person accepting a card. It was really great! I'll send you a picture of us waiting in the station.
Thanks for all the support. I didn't hear from Elder Sumano or now Gerardo Sumano this week but I'll let you know what happens. He'll be there in January. 
I got the package this week and I'm super excited to open all the presents. I was supposed to open the chocolate right? Ohhhh...just now reading dad's letter I realized why I need to open the other presents...they're the event calenders? Well...we'll go home and open them. I already opened the candy bar haha...
I'm glad you liked the show in the conference center and also the christmas programs. I didnt know that the conference center had another part either? It's so huge then if it has another theater! 
Well this week we will have the baptism of Samantha, the 23 year old girl that lives behind the church. It's also the goal for the Mendoza family but they're not going be ready because they haven't gone to church enough so it will be the next week. The really want to be baptised so hopefully they'll keep all the commitments in able to do it. Remember Andrea and Eduardo? The young family that I really love alot. Well they've been working a ton lately so we haven't really met with them and they haven't gone to church but Eduardo called us a few nights ago and they said that they should be a little less busy this week and want to meet on friday night. I was so happy. We hope that they'll be ready the 1st or 2nd week in January because they already have the church asistance and all the lessons, they just need to get married....  I've also thought of all our Mexican neighbors being here, especially the old ones that mow there lawn everyday. When I get back I'm going to make friends with them. 
The missionaries in the stake emailed me and asked me for references. I really wanted to help them so I had been thinking about people I know who are not members...there arent many... But I sent them a few that I thought of...they're not people I know super well and I had no idea the addresses so you might have to help them. 
Its great to hear from you and everything that is happening. Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic week! Adios!
Elder Inskeep

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