Monday, January 11, 2016

Ok well I'm excited to see you on Friday! We are going to use the Lugo family's computer (the twins) so maybe you'll be able to meet them quickly, it'll be like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Hopefully I won't have any trouble signing in but I'm not sure if I remember my password...I might have to use someone elses account so you'll have to be listening so you can accept the request. Think of lots of things to ask!
That's great you talked to Elder Sumano. I'm glad you'll get to meet him and help him. I think he's nervous about going because he doesn't know anyone. I'm really happy you'll meet him and he'll have dinner with you. 
Well sounds like you've all been very busy. The shopping trip must have been great because you both wrote about it and normally only one writes about one thing and the other other stuff. That's super funny about carter. 
I'm way excited to open the presents haha. You said you were going to send something to Kevin right? 
The caroling was super fun!!! At first we were all a little nervous haha but it was really great. If you are talking about the picture in the metro the blond girl is Hermana Fuqua her family live in Moab Utah but she's lived in like 12 states and left from California. The brunette is Hermana Candido from Sao Paulo Brazil. The sister from Rock Springs is Mexican, born in Tijuana but her mom married someone from Rock Springs and moved there so she's also brunette. It's sad my best friends in the district the 4 missionaries in Balbuena (Anderson, Navejas, Candido, and Fuqua) were all randomly changed this week. They had been having problems with the ward and the Bishopric refused to support them so President changed them....So now we're only 13 in Moctezuma the smallest zone in the mission. 
What do we fix our selves? Well not the morning its normally just like fruit, cereal, or instant oatmeal. Then we have dinner between 2 and 4 every afternoon and sometimes we don't eat after that because we're busy and we're not hungery because they give us so much. Every once in a while we make sincronizadas which are flour tortillas with oaxaca cheese and ham. Or a sandwich. Sometimes members give us left overs too or one of the neighboors...normally Nancy invite us to her apartment for pan dulce (sweet bread that they all eat at night with milk). Did I tell you that I found Idahoan potatoes in walmart? So I bought a package of dehydrated Idahoan mashed potatoes that were good too. hmm... Yep I'm health. Just almost always tired. 
Well yesterday Samantha got baptised it was good. She was probably the fastest baptism we have had because we only taught her 5 weeks which is the fastest possible because they have to go to church 5 times. Shes really great and gets along well with the other YSA so shes already been to alot of activities with them. Also last night our stake had a christmas activity/play/choir/thingy. It was good they acted out Jesus's life and the choir sang songs. I liked it. Then the Stake president spoke and there were refreshments. 
What else. Well I'll talk to you this week and excited to see you all. Love you so much
Elder Inskeep

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