Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hola buenas tardes
Well this week has been good. That's weird that Trenton still doesnt have his visa because I didn't have a problem right? there are Mexican missionaries here in the mission waiting to go to other countries too like Brazil, Costa Rica and the US where its hard to get a visa, I think that would be rough because they never know when they are going to leave or if they are going to be able to. Its cool to hear about everyone that is going on missions. today I got a letter from Camdon, he's been out 18 months already! He asked me what I am going to do after the mission because I guess he's going to apply for BYUI. I dremt...dreamed...dreamt whatever the word is that I was called on another mission after this one to France/Spain and I was super excited but then I woke up to the alarm and realized it wasnt real and I was sad haha. 
Its good that Dad's been busy at work and sounds like at home too! Anna sent me pictures of her room and it looks good! I'm excited to see everything you're doing and pictures of the hall. Sounds like Mom is busy at home and with the Primary too. I think moms perminantly in the primary when I think of mom at church its in the primary haha. In our ward theres like 18 kids in the primary and only 3 classes, Rayos del Sol (Sunbeams), HLJ (CTR), and Valientes (valients). That's fun you're doing indexing...(well kindof...better: its good that you're indexing). Our neighbor Nancy and her daughter Joselin like it alot too, it seems like everytime we pass their door (its always open) they're there on the couch indexing haha. Thats good Josie likes bowling...that was a weird phase of my life- I hated bowling- why did I ever do it? I dont mind bowling now but back then I never wanted to go and I always felt super uncomfortable. 
Yeah its the same here, I'm excited to start Howard W. Hunter 1) because you hardley ever hear anything about him and 2) because it's all pretty recient. Our Elder's Quorum class struggles a lot, theres always a ton of arguing or people teaching the class that either dont know what they're saying or they're really strict and accuse everyone of being a bad person and unworthy of the priesthood...haha but the coolest thing is going to happen the next week! Josefat our convert that was baptized in November and ordained an Elder in Stake Conference is going to give the class! I'm so excited! He's going to do so great! I knows a lot and he's a great speaker but he's also really humble because hes new. It was cool the last time we visited them he told us about an experience he had when he started to believe in God, when he was 21 he had to have an open heart surgery and during the surgery he died! For 3 seconds... the doctors said it was scientifically impossible that he lived but he did and sense then he has believed in God and has been searching and studying to find the truth. He's now 32 and owner of a huge clothes company. Super cool. 
I'm sure you can take the books to the di unless you can think of something else to do with them, I'm never going to use them. Kevin's name is Kevin Ortíz Marquez (Mexicans have 2 last names their Dad's and then their Mom's, so my name would be Jarin Michael Inskeep Rollins). I'll take a picture of the ties I have this week...and speaking of this next week I will be writing on Tuesday and I will have a new companion and maybe a new area. I dont think I need anything else. 
this week we set a baptismal date for Erika's Dad (her mom was working) for the 12th of February...he wasn't 100% convinced but we'll see if he'll be ready, I think he will be because he's progressing pretty well. We also got our flu shots and I went on transfers with the Zone Liders in the Airport Ward, I went with Elder Paz from Honduras it was fun but he got super sick and then when we went to get our shots he talked to the doctor and I guess he has an infection...ew. this week I'll be doing transfers with the Elders in Zaragosa, I'm not sure if it'll be the other Elder Paz or Elder Feller. Then on Friday Elder Castro goes with president and I'll go with either Airport or Zaragosa for the weekend. 
Well I'm ready for another great week! Thanks for writing! Love you lots! I know that the church is true and everytime I read the book of Mormon or teach I lesson I'm reminded. You wanted to know an experience and I'm not sure what to share and its kind of hard to write to much bu tI've had a lot of experiences when the spirit has helped me find the right words or remember something I studied in the morning, or helped us find some random person in the street that needed us to talk to them. I love you lots and hope you have a good week! Love 
Elder Inskeep

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