Sunday, July 26, 2015

more July 6th

Another companionship in our district had a baptism on saturday and while we were waiting for the font to fill and Elder Sumano was interviewing the lady another gringo Elder Ferrin from utah started playing patriotic songs and then Elder Woodward from Texas and Elder Contreras from Tijuana and I sang the national anthem...Its funny that Elder Contreras knew it haha. It was great, Ive  thought alot about how great the US is. Mexico is awesome I truly love it but we are so blessed to be citizens of the United States of America. It truly is sad about everything that is happening and its sad what kind of name the US has outside of the US. The US for non americans is an arogant prideful sinful and rude country that doesnt mind its own busness, a lot of people here thinks that everyone in the United States is racist which is super sad. I havent heard anything about whats going on in the US so I didnt know that. All Ive heard is that Donald Trump is running for pres and that he said something rude about Mexicans. 
Mexico is pretty conservative which is cool, in the DF gay marriage and all that crazy weird stuff is legal but all the other states in Mexico its illegal and everyone is super anti so it probably wont happen very soon. The worst problem here is the violence and I cant remember the word in english..poorness? Thats probably why the DF is crazy because they dont have to worry about that because they have more money. 
I heard about Elder Packer. That is sad but well be getting 2 new apostols in the next conference. Elder Sumano is sure that Elder Craig Christiansen who visited the mission will be one of them so well see...
Yep we teach the after baptism lessons we just have to try to have a member with us in the lessons.. it really is bad. A lot of members rely on the missionaries more than they should here so it is a problem.
Well Im excited to see pictures and hear about everything and hopefully Ill have more pictures for you guys sorry my letters have been short without pictures and probably not that interesting.
Love you lots have a good week
Elder Inskeep

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