Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 8th

Wow I forget that the time is 2 hours different, It was 3.33 here and now its 4.18. You did have a busy day! Is it going to be like that all of June? How was tennis? That is funny that Anna is driving the truck haha. Does she like it? Is it because the car has a problem? 
Yeah shes crazy. I really love the members of this ward though...its a hard area because it is in an area where there is a lot of traffic because we have the Avenida Central and 2 metro stations and a lot of the people we contact live in other wards. Just make sure the missionaries know that you want to help them. I cant imagine working with more than one ward, before I thought it was normal but now I realize that it would be super hard and crazy. I bet Bro Coles is a good ward mission leader. We still dont have one and a lot of times the bishop gives us less active or active members to visit so we're busy with that, I hope that they are doing visits and stuff because it kind of feels like we are doing all of the visiting and thats not how it should be. We had our investigador Eduardo at church yesterday and I was embarrassed about how disorganized the ward is, we have the same organization but it isnt applied very well here. I hope he felt the spirit and wants to figure out a way to come again (he works in a hospital on sundays with his girlfriend who is a member). I agree that its just about being friendly and knowing your neighbors, I think that its way harder in Idaho because we dont associate with a lot of people who arent members...Im not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing. But people just need to remember theyre own testimony and the way the gospel has changed their life and when they remember that they have the desire to share with others. Normally when we are with members we ask them about their conversion or mission or something like that and then ask them for references or invite them to share with their friends. 
My feet are better I dont have blisters anymore but I have ingrown toenails that are infected so I have to soak them in hot water and soap (and Ive been using your oils) for 30 minutes everynight and morning while I study and if they dont get better soon I have to go to the doctor haha. I havent found the socks or powder... the powder because I dont know what it is in spanish and most of the stores here you just go to the window and tell them what you want. im going to keep looking but I bought a new pair of shoes today for like 30 dollars...500 pesos, my district leader Elder Medina says that they are a really good brand so hopefully theyll be nice and I can trade more so my shoes have more time to dry. We went to a huge market place thingy this morning in the district. It is an entire colonia (neighborhood) huge area that is just like the street markets we have except it is like all the streets for a long ways and it is everyday. Its so big it has its own metro has everything you would ever want to buy...everything...and the deeper you get into it the cheaper it is. Like half of the things are clones which means they are fake but almost exactly the same as the real thing but others are real. Its crazy. We went with the missionaries in the other ward elder Medina (our district leader from Veracruz MX) and Elder Boyle (from Provo and has one cycle more than me) It was nice to do stuff with other missionaries because Im tired of Elder Castillo and they are cool. I had divisions with Elder Medina on Thursday and it was super fun. We had 4 new baptismal dates this week (Familia Santa Maria= Gabriel and Sara, Eduardo, and 
Im sure it has been terrible sharing a bathroom with Anna. When will the bathroom be done? How was Jaces birthday? I cant believe he is 14 either. 

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