Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 15th

Si things are good we had a good week. Our first baptism will be a 9 year old boy Jesus Rodreguez Melendez if he will come to church then we have Eduardo the 5th and Olga and her niece the 12th if they will come to church also haha, the Santa Maria family if they can get married and the hermano can quit smoking by the 26th and some other people we are not sure about when. We have 2 new families that are promising this week and hopefully more. We´re almost full until thursday which is good and bad, good because we have lots of investigadors and bad because if we find anyone new we dont have any space.
That is a cool story from the bishop, I am glad Im here but I think it would be fun to visit the Mexican countryside its so beautiful and the people are supposed to be even more friendly and excepting of the gospel. I keep wanting to write words in spanish and Im probably writing in a weird order so I hope you can understand lo siento. 
I had a super cool experience on saturday night I was getting ready to read the book of mormon and I had the feeling to send a text to our investigator Oscar. We hadnt had contact with him or his girlfriend who is a member for almost a month and he was so close to baptism. He was one of those investigators that I had a connection with and I liked him a lot. So I sent him a message that said that we missed him and hoped that everything was alright and that we want to visit them this week if we can (during all of this Elder Castillo was in the shower) then I knelt down to say my prayer to start my study and as I was asking Heavenly Father to help us have contact with Oscar I heard the phone vibrate, when I was done I checked the phone and it was Oscar after weeks of not answering he finally answered and said that everything was great and asked if we could please visit on Monday. An immediate answer to my prayers and we´re going to visit him tonight at 7 and hopefully he can have a baptismal date soon. He only needed 2 more lessons with the other missionaries and had a baptismal date in January but then the ward didnt have missionaries until we came so he never finished the lessons. 
Today I got a hair cut from the Hermana Jessica, the 19 year old who is preparing for her mission and goes with us to a lot of appointments, he cuts her Dads and her brothers hair so I trusted her but now I have a Mexican Style hair cut haha I feel super weird, probably only because its different but I dont know haha. Also next week because it is the end of the cycle we have pday on wednesday! My birthday! so I wont write until then. Im glad your having fun with tennis and everything else that is going on.
Everything is good here in Mexico, for some reason it is getting hotter which everyone is saying is weird because we should be moving into the rainy season, I dont like the heat but I like it better than being wet all the time so I guess its ok. Weve started exercising with the other Elders in the other ward that shares our building Elders Boyle from Utah and Medina from Veracruz MX, the church is inbetween where we both live so we go and run or play futbol (soccer) or basquet (basketball) for 30 minutes everymorning its fun and its good to be able to talk to other missionaries besides Elder Castillo. I hope that I have more exciting things to tell you next week.

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