Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jarin's Birthday!!

Well Im still in Muzquiz which is great, my new companion is Elder Sumano who is from Merida, Mexico (close to Cancun) he's super great am happy. He was an assistant to the president before and he only has one cycle left so Ill have a new companion in August for sure. Ive already learned so much from him and weve already had a ton of success and its only the second day. The only thing is there is definately more pressure now because before with Elder Castillo I just worried about working and doing my best but now I know that we are going to work hard so I can focus more on getting better. He is also District leader so thats fun to learn about and he or I talk to all the missionaries in the District everynight and we we'll have exchanges with all of them at least once during the cycle. 
My feet are alright I just have the one ingrown toenail that is infected, I went to the Doctor on saturday (the 2nd counselor to the President is Doctor for all of the Mexico City missions) and they dug out all the ingrown parts and half of my toenail and it doesnt hurt at all anymore so thats good I just have to soak my feet every morning and night and a couple other things. 
Im glad the work is going well in the ward and youre having good experiences. How are the missionaries in the ward? Its crazy Cooper leaves so soon. Is it hot in Idaho? Im excited to see the pictures and everything. 
Jesus is going to be bautised on Sunday after our stake conference and Marilou the next week. Hopefully we'll have some more dates soon, I know we will Elder Sumano teaches so powerfully and clearly its great. This past sunday we had 4 investigators at church and we should have a bunch more at the stake conference. The Stake is super big there are 11 wards so they cant all fit in the stake center which is our building so the meeting on sunday will be in the stake center by the temple which is super weird to me because its at least 20 minutes for everyone and more than half of the members dont have cars so its way more difficult than in Idaho but we'll see how it goes. Also this week we finally got the Liahona from May with the conference talks which is super awesome because I understood close to nothing and the talks are so great. 
Its weird it doesnt feel like my birthday, I didnt even remember it was until like 10 this morning and then I had to check the date twice to make sure haha. We had little ceasers with some elders that Elder Sumano knows one from Park City and another from Guatemala. 
I dont really know what else to say except that I miss you and everything is great here in Mexico. Love you lots and I hope everything is alright. Talk to you soon on Monday,

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