Thursday, June 25, 2015

I miss country music, I hear American pop all over in the streets and in the buses but nobody knows what country is. I have also realized how bad some of pop music is because there is no filtering here because nobody understands anything anyways, people are always asking me what phrases from songs mean in spanish haha. 
I dont know if ______ is a bad word either but Ill ask my companion later haha. I agree with what you say, everyone has trials and I know satan works harder on us when we are doing what is right but we have soo much more help when we do whats right that it is easier. I know I would have died either from frustration are a crazy Mexican roberto without the help of nuestro SeƱor. I stand out so much everyone always shouts whatever they know in spanish at me and normally it doesnt mean anything, they always ask what happened because thats what que pasa is when you translate it directly its funny. Theres also a lot of people who know English really well. Saturday I talked to a homeless guy from LA. They say you can get awesome jobs hear if you know English so I dont know why he is homeless but its crazy. 
I had intercambios with Elder Medina from Argentina last week, it was fun hes a good missionary and pretty mellow which is a relief because everyone else is so crazy haha. 

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