Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This week hasnt been too different. We have a family that we have been teaching their names are Margarita Daime and Mauricio. Margarita and her son Damie (Damie is my age) were baptised a long time ago but they have never been active so they know almost nothing about the church. Mauricio is her other son who is a lot older was actually in jail when they were baptised and just always said he was catholic and went in his room when we came over but on sunday when we visited them first of all when we got there they were getting ready to eat and insisted that we eat with them. I didnt want to because they hardly have any money but its rude to say no so we did and it was really good. Margarita works in the street markets selling clothes so how much she sells literally means if they can buy food or not. So because we were eating together it was the first time we had really talked to Mauricio. I really like him a lot hes a really nice guy and he has a lot of faith. He is a tattoo artist and he really is an artist he has some super cool drawings and he carves wood too which is super cool. We talked to him for a long time about the church and then went back on Monday to share some pan with them which was great because they had nothing to eat and we got to talk some more with Mauricio. While we were talking to Mauricio and Daime, Margarita went to do some laundry in the laundry sink that she shares with like 5 other families and found that her upstairs neighbor, who had left to pick up her daughter who had gotten hurt at school or something, had a lot of laundry sitting there waiting to get done so what did she do? She did it all for her. Washed it and hung it up to dry how nice is that? She is the most charitable person I know. She is always doing stuff for people and she really doesnt have much sometimes she even gives some of the clothes that she is trying to sell for her livelyhood to people who cant afford it. SHe used to be an English teacher but she lost her job so she has to work in the streets. I really love this family. Margarita told me to tell you not to worry about me here because I have a mom here haha. We are also taking Lucio to the Visitor Center on Friday I really think this will help his progress so hopefully he will have a baptismal date this week. That may have been confusing so sorry and I hope this letter was better than last weeks.

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