Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marriage is a problem here too, probably in the whole world but its weird that in a culture so focus on families that there is so much divorce and people living together not married. Especially people who have been together for so long and have kids and sometimes even grandkids. Why not just get married?  I used your expirience  in my talk yesterday so I hope thats ok haha. It was my third talk so I was less nervous and that may have effected the quality and also that I didnt write it word for word because I was feeling more confident, everyone said it was good so who knows if they are serious or if theyre just being nice. But your right you really do get so much more out of the scriptures when youre trying to help other people and then you recieve blessings for sharing. 
This weekend was crazy! so Friday morning we took our investigator Lucio to the temple visitor center which is even cooler when you have an investigator and it was so spiritual the sisters did a great job on the tour and I know he felt the spirit but afterwards he told us not to visit anymore. I doesnt want to change and he doesnt want to waste our time. I was super sad but in my heart I think I knew from the begining he wanted to learn english more than learn about the gospel, but he had so many great questions and we liked him so much. Its sad but maybe in the future when hes ready to change he"ll come back, he knows where to find it. Then after that we visited Olga because she wasnt home for our lesson on thursday we walked up to her house and she was outside hanging clothes on her ledge to dry, she let us right in and told us that she had been praying for an answer to a question and we showed up so she said we answered her prayer, she even voluntered to pray before we even asked and normally she doesnt want to pray outloud with us. She just needs to go to church and she can be baptised so this week we are going to reteach that because she doesnt understand that it is important. We also learned why her house smells so weird all the time, she makes soap but with real herbs and stuff, she gave us a bar of mint soap it smells super strong but I think it will be good and she told us to be carefull not to get it near our eyes haha. Then we found a part member family that moved into the ward that we are going to teach and also a guy named Jose Luis, he rode his bike up to us while we were walking and said "where can I get a hold of John Esmiths book" haha we gave him one and explained to him that it was actually Jose Smith and taught him a little about that and got his address I guess he visited the visitor center once a long time ago and had been thinking about it. We went to his house a later when he said we could and he wasnt home but his mom was, a super sweet old lady, we talked to her for a while and made an appointment for a better time we could come back and teach them both, as she was closing the door I heard her say to her self "que buena gente" what good people haha. So we{re excited for that. We set a date for the baptism of Jasmine which is good but she gets crazier by the day. Its really sad, she sits outside her old house waiting for something to happen while listening to American 50s music so normally we teach her sitting on the curb outside her old house, last time she told us her life story and it was super sad. I know the gospel will really help her if we can keep her keeping her commitments. Then on saturday morning we had a meeting with Elder Craig Christiansen of the presidency of the seventy and Elder de Hoyos president of the area seventy, it was really good Elder Christiansen was president of the mission 18 years ago but the old Mexico City Mission is now 5 different missions so thats crazy how much the church has grown sense then I think he said when he came there was 21 wards in the whole mission and now our mission which is just a super small part because the other missions are bigger has 9 stakes with at least 10 wards in each stake. We also took a mission picture so hopefully Ill have that to send soon. The meeting was at 7.45 in the morning so because of traffic we had to leave the house at 6 but were not even that far away. Then when we got back we found out that the primary presidents daughter died, we had just eaten with them on tuesday and given her a blessing (she had some weird gross thing on her neck, I think it was a tumor but I couldnt quite sure but she had only had it sense April 25) she had said she was feeling a lot better. It was super sad she was only 33. Anyways the bishop asked us to share a message at the funeral which was that night at their house because only the primary president and the daughter are members, it was so sad and I was soo scared to talk at a funeral. The funeral actually turned out really nice, there was a lot of ward members, Mexicans really know what ward family means, nobody knew the daughter very well because she lived in a different ward with her husband but had been living with the primary president sense she had the problem because of her husband is gone a lot for work. The primary president talked and shared her testimony that she will see her daughter again and that when she does she will be perfect without pain. she took down the crosses and candles that had been set up by her family and explained that she didnt want to offend anyone but that she and her daughter are members of the iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días and that they know that Jesus lives and that she didnt want the images and stuff. It was really good. But we didnt get home until after 10 (we had the presidents permission) and the rest of the week had been so busy so I hadnt had time to prepare my talk so we planned and went to bed at 11 and I got up at 5 to write my talk, I was so tired. We also started teaching a less active family who has a 9 year old son named Jesus who isnt baptised yet but he wants to be so thats super awesome theyre a great family. And thats everthing interesting that happened I think. Something I thought was funny the sister that we are teaching the twins in her house is named Bernice but its pronounced Bear uh knee say haha theres a whole bunch of names like that here that we have in the US but theyre pronounce way different its funny.
Its good to hear from you and everything that is going on! I love you lots and good luck with all your lessons.
Hasta luego 

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