Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Its been raining a lot here too, its super hot every morning but the around 4 or 5 every afternoon it gets windy and rainy, not cold just a ton of water. Elder Castillo is always cold and wears a sweater his rain coat and sometimes a hat and he has rain boots so he always walks right through the middle of the puddles. I dont like it because its hot but if you dont wear anything you get super wet. 
 Family history hear is cool because there are so many converts so there is a lot of work to do and they have a cool history. The Aztecs and Mayans have such a cool culture Im excited for someday when I can visit the pyramids in the mission and also after the mission there are bigger ones outside the mission. And there are even still people in mountains here that speak Mayan. Then the spanish conquistadores, Mexican culture is really cool. 
 The Mexicans have a lot of a lot of church jokes but I dont really get any of them even though I understand most of the words, things are different here. We saw real nuns the other night it was interesting because Ive never seen nuns in real life. I wonder how they get into that because no one thats catholic seems really committed and they dedicate their entire lives. 
This week we had a bunch of contacts in the streets and we have a lot of new people to teach this week so hopefully eveything goes well and we have a bunch of new investigadors. We found a lot of new people because we were looking for some references that we couldnt find so we had to ask people were the street was and knock a few doors, it made me want to talk to even more people in the street because we had so much success, Elder Castillo doesnt really like to talk to just random people in the streets so weve never done much of it but Im going to do it more. We have a new family named familia Santa Maria who actually isnt new they had the lessons already but arent baptised because the husband isnt divorced from his past wife and isnt married to his new girlfriend but they want to get baptised and they attended church a bunch in the past so hopefully they can get everything worked out soon.
Today we went to a street market (tiangis) in a street close to the church were a member of the ward was working, we ate carnita tacos and horchata that was really good, carnita is a whole bunch of different pig parts like snout ears and then other normal parts, it sounds weird but if you dont think about it too much it is really good haha. Then I looked at shoes and dress pants, its hard because the sizes are different but everything is really cheap hopefully I´ll find some soon, the pants wont be too hard because I can by them big and then we have a friend who can fit them for cheap but the shoes Ill have to buy in a real store because no one in the street has feet as big as mine. 
I think Im getting more used to the spicy food I only cry sometimes now haha and a lady asked Elder Castillo what percent of spanish he thinks I can speak, I was thinking like 40 but he said 60 or 70 so that made me feel good, I have a promise from the president if I read the book of mormon by the end of my training out loud that my spanish will come quickly and Ill have a good accent, at the first I only read during study time but now in order to finish I have to read during whatever spare time I have so now I read at night too. Poor Elder Castillo has to listen to me all day but I have to listen to his violin and put up with everything else so its ok haha. It definately is way better especially when we are teaching with the spirit things go really smoothly and a lot of times I cant really remember what I said or how I said it. 
I wish we could talk everyday because there is so much more I am probably missing but whatever and also I never take pictures so hopefully Ill have the oppurtunity to take more.
Love you lots

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